The Next Generation Radio Strap


H6 is introducing exciting new features to the market.

Homeland-Six Radio Straps

Homeland-Six radio straps are extractor washable and backed by the industry’s only 5 year warranty. We’ve developed the world’s first Custom Radio Strap made from military grade nylon used in ballistic vests. We offer a variety of premium Radio Straps with accessories all 100% Made in USA, boasting features like our reflective and glow in the dark tabs for enhanced safety in reduced visibility conditions, customized embroidery and fire resistant radio holsters.

Designed specifically to prevent the dry rotting common in leather radio straps, the H6 Radio Strap has left its mark on the fire service by providing more comfort during extended use. Our mission is to support and protect firefighters, first responders and their equipment with high quality radio straps that are accountable, versatile, safe and ready for action!

• 100% Made in USA • Military Grade • Berry Compliant

• Loss Stop • Drop Prevention • Equipment Accountability

• Adjustable • Many Attachment Points • Supports & Protects Radio Holster

• Decontamination - Extractor Washable • Cancer Prevention - Leather Retains Carcinogens • Reflective & Glowing Straps Available

• Lightweight • Comfortable • Durable

Together we can fight back against COVID-19 and other silent killers such as: carcinogens from airborne particulates in fires, fentanyl and bloodborne pathogens like hepatitis B & C, as well as HIV. Join H6 and lose your leather radio strap.

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