Leather Radio Straps
The Radio Strap is the most overlooked piece of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) as it relates to cleaning and decontamination. Every day, firefighters and emergency responders are exposed to silent killers such as: carcinogens from airborne particulates in fires, fentanyl and blood borne pathogens like hepatitis B & C as well as HIV. The emergence of another silent killer, known as the Coronavirus (COVID-19), presents an added layer of complexity when it comes to keeping our first responders safe.

The ability to decontaminate and sterilize a radio strap is paramount when considering the exposure frequency of first responders to carcinogens and pathogens.

Radio straps are the most overlooked piece of equipment which are used the most every day. Homeland Six (H6)’s CFO, Donny Campbell stated, “It’s surprising the amount of conversations we have with Chiefs who never thought of, or realized the radio strap is the most contaminated piece of gear worn by firefighters throughout the day and every day.” To this point, leather straps are nearly impossible to clean; the cancer-causing particulates from fires can never be removed effectively to help prevent throat and groin cancers. The same is true when it comes to COVID-19 and other blood borne pathogens.


For decades and for lack of a better option; a leather radio strap has been the traditional go-to strap among firefighters and EMS personnel. Developed by 23 year veteran Firefighter & CEO of H6 Tactical, Captain Sean Duncan’s mission after years of development, was to develop the most rugged, comfortable and versatile radio strap in the market. Through Captain Duncan’s efforts, H6 Tactical developed the world’s first Custom Radio Strap made from military grade nylon used in ballistic vests. Designed to prevent dry rotting common in leather radio straps, the H6 Radio Strap has left its mark on the fire service by serving as a more comfortable strap during extended use.

The H6 Nylon Radio Straps are washable with PPE gear in commercial extractors or even normal washers for eliminating sweat, dirt and bacteria/viruses. Leather straps are porous and act like a sponge retaining contaminants for the life of the strap. Once leather is exposed to heat, water or cleaning chemicals, the leather starts to degrade while remaining contaminated; rendering them useless for long term wear.



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