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Homeland-Six was developed as an inspiration to our soldiers over seas, fighting for our freedom. As a former Military Police Army Veteran, I have always felt a need to continue my dedication to this country. I have committed the last 20 years of my life, to the Fire Service. Fire and Law Enforcement have always felt a kinship to the true heroes in the military and I wanted to develop a company that satisfied my desire to give back to the men and woman currently serving in the armed forces. The concept behind the name HOMELAND-SIX, speaks to the idea of having the “backs” of our service men and women while their homes and families are in our care in the homeland. I wanted to produce quality, made in America items, that assist in the daily operations of Fire and Law Enforcement. I started with my own idea of a tactical radio strap that incorporates both fire department tradition and the always advancing equipment of the military. Our future as a small, but growing company, includes a fitness page and gear, as well as advanced radio strap/holsters, duty bags and packs. I want to thank you for your time and dedication to all the hard working fire, law and military men and women serving across America and over seas.

Capt. Sean DuncanHillsborough County Fire Rescue

Capt. Sean Duncan


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